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Why Is Neetish Sardar In The News Lately?

The founder of Smartworks, Neetish Sarda, is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and has strong business acumen. He has expertise in business that ranges from real estate and construction to business operations and jute mills. He began Smartworks in the year 2016 and also has substantial investments in several ITES firms. The company Smartworkd provides software-based and tech solutions. Neetish has experience in scaling operations, building high-performance teams, forcing innovations, design capabilities, and building sales. He has a business degree from the Singapore Institute of Management, and the Krannert School of Management, Purdue.

Neetish Sarda founded Smartworks in 2016, India’s top source of agile workspaces. Neetish is a 25-year-old industrialist and entrepreneur. He founded Smartworks, which provide services like co-working space and plenty of other office solutions. He has business experience that ranges from building and property to business operations and jute mills. He also comes from a family business background.

Neetish Sarda is lately in the news as he was arrested concerning the suicide case of an interior designer, Anvay Naik, There was a suicide letter of Anvay Naik, in which it was written that neetish sarda father has taken a loan of 55 lakhs and wasn’t paying it back, together with Neetish Sarda, the editor-in-chief of Republic Network, Arnab Goswami, and Freoz Sheikh were also arrested, They weren’t paying the due amount, which compelled Anvay Naik to take the vital step.

Neetish Sarda envisions transforming the company Smartworks to be India’s foremost provider of futuristic bespoke office spaces. Aside from providing co-working space, they also offer end-to-end amenities like health and health programs, crèche facility, and networking activities. Smartworks bridged the gap of traditional workspaces and decided to redefine the workplace of India. Neetish Sarda is a young entrepreneur who’s rising to become one of the world’s topmost entrepreneurs.

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