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Advocating peace through sport

Every person has something or the other that they adore , and sports is one such action that greatly affects society. Well-loved sports like football show the potential of being a unifying force and a tool for promoting peace and appreciation. People like Antonio Soave recognized the influence of this sport, thus forming the Global Foundation for Peace. The non-profit organization was incepted with the belief that individuals can make positive changes and create chances when they come together.

Antonio Soave

Antonio proceeded together with the foundation by officially getting it registered as a 501C2 not-for-profit organization in the USA. The organizer operates volunteer assignments and activities throughout North America and other foreign regions. The foundation’s most important job is administering the message and goal to the public through the soccer field. Even after forty years, the folks behind the base stay actively involved in the sport of football. The decades of experience showed the people the actual impression of the sport. As a result, after considering everything, soccer was used as a medium that units individuals and helps conquer their prejudices.

A lot of time, they can rightfully and just predict which team will win or finally triumph, Antonio is a multi-billions game, There are world-class clubs that employ the best players worldwide to play renowned tournaments like the English Premier League, Copa Del Rey, La Liga, to name a few, But the most famous of all is that the FIFA World Cup held every four years and hosted by various nations.

These rules should be followed at any given amount of a game; regional, nationwide and global. It modulates every coordinated game all over the world. Rules are essential to keep order, control and regulate behavior, set criteria, and safeguard liberties and rights. These rules offer a frame and contour for the sport. Without them, there is no standard and order. Or it can’t be called soccer.They are also critical for the growth and evolution of the sport. It helps and paves the way for its survival. Rules make things better and organized. Thus, it is essential and adheres to in any field.

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